Volunteer Corps

Volunteers support, in tasks big and small, the collaborative work that happens within committees or working groups that are the engine that drives the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force. 

The Task Force seeks to match your skills, interest and time availability with things to do from a wide variety of opportunities created in relation to these collaborative ventures.

Some projects are long-term. Many are short- or medium-term. Some involve working with a team by conference call and/or over coffee locally. Others involve attending events. Some permit work from home at a convenient time in your busy schedule.

Some volunteers focus on speaking. Some offer five hours of admin work a month. Others focus on building awareness in a neighborhood or organization, and still others help with research or online content management.

Volunteers may work on more than one project and/or work on a series of projects over time. Most volunteers visit at least one event a year to support the full Task Force.

We discuss your skills, interests and availability during an intake interview — and then regularly as we collaborate. There may be projects now or in the future that work for you. Sometimes you might take a hiatus.

Working on a project, you’ll have the support of the Task Force member responsible for that deliverable. If you choose to work on more than one project, you may work with different Task Force members.

At all times, from when you begin, you continue to connect with your Volunteer Corps coordinator. You will have multiple avenues for getting answers and solving problems.

Volunteers support projects related to the collaborative work of the Task Force. Alternative volunteer opportunities may be found among Task Force member organizations, which may be found on the Task Force website here. Some volunteers do work for the Task Force and a member organization.

It all depends on what works for you!