The Task Force

The Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force, founded in 2004, is an all-volunteer collaboration of federal, state, and local  law enforcement agencies, government agencies and nongovernmental organizations dedicated to:

1 – Investigating and prosecuting those engaged in sex trafficking, forced labor, and closely related crimes;

2 – Identifying, rescuing, providing services to victims of human trafficking;

3 – Conducting training, community outreach, and public awareness efforts.

Task Force members are representatives of organizations and specialists working in the area of human trafficking who collaborate across functions and jurisdictions.

Friends and Volunteers are from all walks of life and commit to specific projects or events. Requirements are limited and vary. Volunteers are not Task Force members.

This website is dedicated to volunteers getting on board and finding ways to contribute to the work of the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force.

The Task Force and its membership, and all other community services related to the Task Force, are served by a separate online community site here.