The Friends Program

The Friends Program of the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force is a virtual community of like-minded neighbors who have come together to bolster law enforcement’s first line of defense — community awareness — against human trafficking in the Northern Virginia and neighboring regions.

Small Steps, Big Impact

Each Friend makes a commitment to take three small actions once a year.

We provide everything needed for each action.

The collective impact of hundreds of Friends doing the same thing makes a huge difference in the fight against human trafficking in our neighborhoods.

Three Commitments

Once each calendar year, each Friend does the following:

1 – Gain Personal Awareness: Learn some basics about human trafficking in our region and what the Task Force does. Read these two brief brochures. Do you have questions? Ask us. Do you want more information? Additional, but not required reading, may be found on  the Task Force website here. (Feel free to print our two brochures and share with friends and colleagues!)

2 – Expand Community Awareness: Invite at least one decision-maker (e.g., at work, church, HOA, movie club) to host a human-trafficking awareness presentation by a trained Task Force Speaker. Or be a host yourself. (We provide online invitations and more information about events here.) Note: You are not required to secure an event, just to invite someone who might be able to host an event with a speaker.

3 – Support Victim Services: Attend at least one event hosted by one of our victim-services member organizations and/or a human-trafficking awareness event. The list of top events may be found on our Task Force calendar is here. Don’t forget to bring a friend or colleague along!

Friends Receive…

1 – Critical information to promote awareness and vigilance,

2 – New perspectives from supporting groups serving victims,

3 – Personal satisfaction in fighting human trafficking in our region,

4 – Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force bi-monthly newsletter,

5 – The Friends Program annual newsletter with all sorts of great info,

6 – Introductions to wonderful people of like-minded social awareness, and

7 – Options for a Friend status on LinkedIn and other social media.

Great benefits for all!

Nothing More Required?

Nothing. Other opportunities to help do exist, but they are not required to be a Friend.

Your Friend enrollment form offers you an option to explore volunteering for additional activities which are suited to your skills, interests and time availability.

A Friend Forever?

All we ask of our Friends is to fulfill the above steps each calendar year. Exploring additional volunteer work is great and welcomed, but not at all expected of you. You will receive a reminder in December and in January each year about recommitting.


To become a Friend of the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force in the fight against human trafficking throughout Northern Virginia?

Enroll now!

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