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My Invitation to You

With just three small steps you can make a big difference

in the fight to beat human trafficking in northern Virginia.

I just committed to taking these three small steps.

Why don’t you join me?

Together, with hundreds even thousands of fellow northern Virginia residents, we can bolster law enforcement’s critical first line of defense by advancing community awareness of the signs of human trafficking.


Help spread awareness through our region.

It’s simple.

Just sign up (below), like I did, to become a Friend of the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force.

Each Friend makes a commitment to take three small actions by the end of 2018 to add to the growing tsunami of resistance to human trafficking in our midst.

To become a Friend, here’s all it takes…

Make These Three Commitments

1 – Gain Personal Awareness: Learn the basics about human trafficking in our region and about what the Task Force does. You’ll read two brief brochures. (More info)

2 – Expand Community Awareness: Invite at least one decision-maker to host a human-trafficking awareness presentation by a trained Task Force Speaker. Or, be a host yourself! (More info)

3 – Support Victim Services: Attend at least one event hosted by a Task Force member organization and/or a human-trafficking awareness event. (More info)

Friends Receive…

1 – Critical information to promote awareness and vigilance,

2 – New perspectives from supporting groups serving victims,

3 – Personal satisfaction joining the fight against human trafficking,

4 – Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force bi-monthly newsletter,

5 – The Friends Program annual newsletter with all sorts of great info,

6 – Introductions to wonderful people of like-minded social awareness, and

7 – Options for Friend status on LinkedIn and other social media.

It’s a Win-Win in the fight against human trafficking.

Once a Friend, Always a Friend?

Enrollment is renewed each January. For Friends who enroll during 2017, your Friends status will remain active through December 2018, although inviting additional hosts or attending additional events is most welcome!  As a convenience for your memory, we remind you twice a year to complete any unfinished commitments.

That’s All?

Yes, that’s all it takes for you to be a Friend.

Yet, with your contribution added to hundreds or thousands of other contributions, community awareness will grow exponentially!

Interested in Doing More?

Well, okay, if you want to do more, that’s great!  It is not required to be a Friend. But, if you are curious about other volunteer opportunities, you may ask to be contacted (by email or phone, your choice) when you enroll.

Remember: no other action is asked of our Friends other than Three Commitments to take small steps that make a big impact on human trafficking in Northern Virginia.

Simple, right?


Become a Friend of the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force in the fight against human trafficking throughout Northern Virginia.

I did, and it feels great.

Learn more and enroll here!

This email has been forwarded to you by someone whom you know. The Task Force does not have your name or email address. If you choose to enroll in one of our volunteer programs and/or to ask for more information, your name and contact information will remain private. We do not share, rent, sell, license or otherwise divulge contact information for any volunteers. We never will.