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A Cordial Invitation

You are cordially invited to take a small step and make a big difference in the battle against human trafficking in northern Virginia.

This invitation is being presented to you by a Volunteer who supports the collaborative work of the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force.

Our Volunteers and Friends, with hundreds of fellow northern Virginia residents, are helping the Task Force bolster law enforcement’s critical first line of defense against human trafficking — by promoting community awareness.

Would You Like to Help?

You are invited to consider helping the Task Force by hosting a human-trafficking awareness event within your organization.

What’s an Event Like?

There are two types of events.

Most often, a Speaker is invited to speak to a group which is gathered by our host. It may be at a place of employment or of residence (e.g., HOA), or a sporting or other club, a different volunteer organization or place of worship. Often, Speakers arrive with one or two Task Force Volunteers to handle materials.

Alternatively, a Speaker and Volunteers are invited to represent the Task Force at a public event (e.g., neighborhood festival, mall, conference) where our host generously provides a table from which we engage the public and offer information.

Task Force Speakers are trained especially to deliver a well-tested presentation that lasts about one hour — perfect for a brown-bag lunch or regular meeting time. This time frame includes ample opportunity for questions.

Presentations successfully educate listeners about trends in regional human trafficking, signs of trafficking and what to do about trafficking.

At all events, Speakers and/or Volunteers offer people the opportunity to sign up to receive more information about our Friends Program.

For more info about the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force, here is their General Brochure and their website.

For more info about what presentations cover, consider a brochure excerpt about the signs of human trafficking and what to do if someone suspects trafficking. (Spanish speakers and brochures available.)

For more info about our Program and Volunteer Corps, here is our dedicated website. There is an invitation there, too, to invite individuals to get involved as Friends or Volunteers.


Would you or a colleague like to explore further the possibility of hosting a Speaker at an event at some point — without any commitment?

Please contact the Speakers Bureau of the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force to explore how easy it is and how you might proceed.

Thank you for considering this request!


Kay Duffield

Coordinator, The Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force (

Executive Director, Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Initiative (

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