Speakers Bureau

The Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force trains Speakers to offer one-hour presentations on the basics of human trafficking, e.g., what are signs to look for, what to do if you suspect trafficking.

The purpose of our Speakers Bureau is to raise community awareness as the best line of defense in the fight against human traffickers, in particular to assist law enforcement in its efforts to identify victims and guide them toward care while successfully prosecuting perpetrators.

Some of our Speakers are trained, as well, in specialized presentations; i.e., EMT, health care, parents, teens, and business people.

Our repertoire of translated programs is growing, with Spanish Speakers and Speakers of other languages in communities uniquely vulnerable to traffickers.

The Speakers Bureau is focused on growing its size to keep up with demand for Speakers and/or trained volunteers who can staff special events held by invitation in malls or other public gatherings.

Do you have special skills for speaking to groups or for knowledgeable interface with the public at large?

Would you like to help us get the message out to northern Virginia that a vigilant community is the best line of defense in the fight against human trafficking?

Are you interested in becoming a Speaker? Please let us know when you enroll in our Volunteer Corps.

Are you already enrolled as a Volunteer but want to train to become a Speaker? Let the Volunteer Coordinator know!