Joining the Volunteer Corps for the Task Force is just the beginning of an important conversation between us as partners.

To start, there is an intake interview. There will be a training session, offered online or in person. There are Principles and Guidelines which we ask you to understand and follow when working on volunteer projects.

Intake Interview

After enrolling, you will be contacted to arrange a phone conversation about your interests, skills and time availability.

Depending on current and future projects, you will be introduced to project managers handling any project that needs volunteer support and in which you are interested.

You will be asked to attend one of any number of public Task Force events to meet one or more Task Force Chairpersons and to get a better sense of our Task Force in action

You will also begin to receive the bi-monthly Task Force newsletter and other notes related specifically to your project.

Volunteers are given passwords to access related work spaces for their projects.

You will have easy access, as well, to the Chairperson who coordinates all the Volunteer Corps and Friends programs.


All volunteers need to know basics of human trafficking. To do so, you are asked to attend our human-trafficking awareness presentation within six months of joining as a volunteer.

This training is offered to volunteers in a number of ways. You may attend an event with a Speaker. You may attend the Task Force training which occurs once a year. Or, you may sign up for an online volunteers-only training session.

If you have attended this training session already before volunteering, this requirement will be waived.

Training and support, along with clear communication and feedback options, ensure work is productive and volunteers can see the positive impact of your work.

Principles and Guidelines

By enrolling in the Volunteer Corps of the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force, you are agreeing to abide by the basic Principles and Guidelines here.

If you do not understand these Principles and Guidelines, of if you object to or are unable to abide by one or more of these Principles and Guidelines, do not begin the process of enrollment, do not click the button below, do not begin an enrollment form.

If you have questions about our Principles and Guidelines, please feel free to contact us.


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You are not required to enroll as a Friend of the Task Force to become a Volunteer. These are different programs which allow for different levels of commitment and time.

Your commitment to volunteer may be withdrawn at any time! Starting to enroll (or even enrolling) in the Volunteer Corps does not create a binding commitment, except to abide by our Principles and Guidelines while you do work as a volunteer with us.