Request a Speaker

Thank you for hosting an human-trafficking awareness presentation!

Every hosted event supports law enforcement by strengthening the crucial first line of defense — public awareness — against human trafficking in our region.

We are delighted to work with you!

If you have questions or are simply curious how you might offer to host a Speaker event, please contact us here.

What to Expect

Below, you will be asked to submit some basic information. After you submit this request:

1 – We will check our Speakers’ availability and expertise.

2 – Within 48 (or fewer) hours, you will hear back from us about your Speaker.

3 – At that point, we will send you a suggested checklist of things to consider, and our assigned Speaker will contact you about details.

4 – All our Speakers need a computer/projector and screen. They carry a power point presentation on a flash drive with them.

5 – Our Speakers do not accept fees. (The Task Force does not accept donations.)

6 – The only expense for you would be printing one or both small brochures for your audience; we can provide the files for you to do so.

7 – We will reach out to work with you, where appropriate, to promote the event and also to record feedback and any press or internal write-up that may result. This information uplifts our whole Speakers Bureau and the Task Force at large.

At any point, if you have a more urgent request or a problem, please contact the Chair of the Speakers Bureau, Erin Johnson.

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