Principles and Guidelines

These are the Principles and Guidelines for being a member of the Speakers Bureau of the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force.

By confirming your membership by enrolling in the Speakers Bureau, you are confirming that have read, understand and agree to abide by these Principles and Guidelines.

Speakers agree to:

1 – Collaborate with the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force, its Volunteer Corps and Speakers Bureau, and, in particular, the Chair of the Speaker Bureau to promote events, gain and retain clients and hosts, and assist in expanding outreach and awareness.

2 – Accept no money or fees or honorarium for speaking, and not to sell or otherwise distribute their own or alternative products or services in conjunction with a speaking event, except as may be approved by the Chair of the Speakers Bureau.

3 – Attend, as a prerequisite for membership in the Speakers Bureau, the Task Force “Train the Trainer” workshop. Speakers may be required to re-certify their training from time to time by the Chair of the Speakers Bureau.

4 – Keep updated on Task Force developments and activities, and any changes in policy, by reading the bi-monthly newsletters.

5 – Attend at least one Task Force General Meeting, with its related Outreach& Awareness Committee Meeting, each year.

6 – Restrict distribution of copies or files of the full proprietary presentation or speaker’s notes, and not to give copies or files to any third party.

7 – Refrain from changing the Task Force presentation or adding slides or content. Speakers may remove slides only to adjust for audience or focus; e.g., removing trafficked labor slides from a presentation focused on sex trafficking.

8 – Represent accurately the message or position of the Task Force without including their own personal messages, and to refrain from representing in any way their own personal views as those of the Task Force.

9 – Refer inquiries regarding Task Force positions and policies to the proper Task Force Committee Chair. When in doubt, refer questions to Erin Johnson.