Invite a Friend to Volunteer

My Invitation to You


I just became a Volunteer for the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force.

Why don’t you consider becoming one, too?

The Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force is fighting against the rise of human trafficking in our region.

The Task Force is a collaboration of federal, state, and local  law enforcement agencies, government agencies and nongovernmental organizations dedicated to (1) investigating and prosecuting those engaged in sex trafficking, forced labor, and closely related crimes; (2) identifying, rescuing, and providing services to victims of human trafficking, and (3) conducting training, community outreach, and public awareness efforts.

People volunteer to help the Task Force in two different ways.

First Way

Join the Volunteer Corps. There are a variety of projects and events where people are needed. The Volunteer Corps works with your interests and availability to match you to current or future projects, and your work is supported from start to final success!

Depending on what you like to do, you might even choose to join the Speakers Bureau, which requires enrolled Volunteers to attend further training. You may signal your interest in speaking during your enrollment as a Volunteer.

Second Way

Unlimited concern but limited time? Become a Friend of the Task Force by making three commitments to take three small actions that will have a huge effect on fighting human trafficking in our region.


Well, I just thought I’d share the great feeling I have by devoting some of my talent, skills and time to fight human trafficking where we live.

Perhaps it could be the same for you!

This email has been forwarded to you by someone whom you know. The Task Force does not have your name or email address. If you choose to enroll in one of our volunteer programs and/or to ask for more information, your name and contact information will remain private. We do not share, rent, sell, license or otherwise divulge contact information for any volunteers. We never will.