These are the Guidelines which we ask Volunteers and Friends to understand and use to be the best partner possible for Task Force work.

When you enroll with the Volunteer Corps, that is, when you click the “Submit” button on our enrollment form, you are confirming you have read, understand and agree to abide by these Guidelines.

As a Volunteer, you agree to:

1 – Keep commitments you make; e.g., delivering a document on time, showing up when you told people to expect you. Volunteer work is at will. It can stop at any time you wish! We are grateful for what you can do. But, once you have accepted work to do, we are relying on you and only you to get it done.

2 – Alert your project contact quickly if, in the event of emergency, you cannot keep a prior commitment; e.g., will miss a deadline or event.  Others may be scheduled to sync with you, and this helps everyone manage their time.

3 – Keep any information, materials or other content or information to which you may have access from the Task Force in confidence, including any password entrusted to you.

4 – Incur no expenses. The Task Force does not reimburse you, including for gas or out-of-pocket expenses. All Volunteer work is designed with this in mind. If you stumble upon an unanticipated cost, you should not assume that cost without discussing it with your project manager.

5 – Grant the Task Force non-exclusive rights in perpetuity to copyrightable material in the unlikely event you add original material to Task Force projects as part of your Volunteer work. Speakers also grant the Task Force the right to use their names and prior approved biographies in event publications.

6 – Return all documents or other work product to the Task Force in good condition prior to leaving any project or withdrawing from the Volunteer Corps.

7 – Keep in mind that, at events or in other public settings, you will be perceived as representing the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force.  Your courteous and informed approach is a reflection on the work of all Volunteers.  You agree to take care not speak on behalf of the Task Force and to know to where and to whom to point people who may ask about Task Force positions and activities.

If you have any questions, please ask us here.