Do I have to be a Friend first, before I enroll as a Volunteer?

No. You may be a Friend or a Volunteer — or both. It does not matter in what order you enroll in our programs.

What kind of commitment am I making?

You make no binding commitment to be or remain a Friend or Volunteer, other than to abide by our Principles and Guidelines when involved in Task Force activities and/or work, and to honor commitments you make to others while volunteering.

Will I be working with victims of human trafficking?

No. Neither Friends nor Volunteers work with victims, except for those former Victims who now speak publicly and may attend some events.

Does this cost anything?

Volunteers and Friends pay not fees or dues. However, cost for gas or transit and photocopying, as you may wish to do, and similar out-of-pocket costs are never reimbursed. Most projects involve no expenditures. If the possibility of an expense arises, please flag it for the Chairperson with whom you are working before incurring that cost.

What if there’s nothing interesting for me to do?

We have so many different options, we’d be surprised if you don’t find work, but that does happen when scheduling is problematic. We endeavor to inform you, also, about unique volunteer opportunities with our member organizations, too. Perhaps those offer something just right for you!

Can I list this on my social media profiles?

Absolutely. Indeed, you are welcome to list yourself as a Friend or Member of the Volunteer Corps of the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force. You will find that the Task Force icon appears in LinkedIn.

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