Projects come and go, but here are some projects in which volunteers might participate:

Speaking to general or niche groups, promoting awareness and signs of human trafficking to create community vigilance to support law enforcement.

Promoting, hosting or organizing speaker events and/or other events in places like malls or local festivals.

Organizing or cataloging resources for various initiatives, such as helping with a growing library of existing video and published resources promoting citizen awareness.

Collaborating with targeted outreach programs under development, such as for racial or ethnic groups or the LGBTQ community.

Responding to fellow citizens who sign up during events to get more information, and noting next steps for others to pursue.

Researching topics, such as what other similar task forces across the nation offer for a particular challenge, and summarizing for review.

Writing, interviewing, editing articles, brochures or other collateral needed for training programs and the newsletter.

Providing web-based admin and maintenance, from updating wordpress or wix-based websites to formatting email communications and updating mailing lists.

Role(s) volunteers may have:



Outreach Hospitality

Sounding board



Graphic designer



Ways volunteers may participate:

Attending events all over the region to amp up the fun!

Participating in small teams with a particular project.

Organizing or hosting events near work or home.

Handling a project solo, A-to-Z, with access to input whenever needed.

Doing computer work, at home, between all the day’s other duties.

We appreciate how our volunteers offer a broad range of talents and experiences and are committing the most valuable commodity of all–time.

Please be sure to help us help YOU succeed!