2 Expand Community Awareness

Commitment No. 2

Expand Community Awareness

Your Second Commitment as a Friend of the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force is to invite at least one decision-maker whom you know to host a human-trafficking awareness presentation by a trained Task Force Speaker.

Or, you could be a host yourself!

Organizations may be places of employment, volunteer work, health care providers, sporting or other clubs, faith-based groups, educational or training groups, or neighborhood organizations (e.g., HOAs).

A Digital Invitation

One option is to send the digital invitation we have provided here. Just forward this page to one or more decision-makers who know you. (Send this page only to individuals who will recognize your name. We must caution our Friends against multiple recipients or other methods that can be mistaken as SPAM.)

A Paper Invitation

An alternative is to print out our printer-friendly letter with both brochures, and to hand-deliver or mail them to the decision-maker whom you know.

Just Invite!

To honor this Commitment 2, you are not expected to secure an event, just to invite someone who can host one if possible. We do encourage you to ask more than one decision-maker if possible, or to hand deliver our invitation to your health-care provider or anyone else in a professional group or agency setting.


HOORAY! Once you have invited one or more decision-makers to host an human-trafficking awareness event, let us know!